Big Zip Wire Course


260 meters, 21 elements, 3 zip wires and the ultimate ropes course experience.

Our new course is 260 metres long and goes over 10 metres high.    Only on completion of the Wild Rope Course are participants allowed on to this course.  This is completely at the instructors discretion as this is no ordinary course.  This will challenge you.  


You will first be met by the 'Inverter', a simple looking walkway that needs careful attention.  Followed by the XXXX pass and the first of our Wild Jumps.  Then we have the wobbly burma bridge that takes you over the top of where you started.   Then its time for the spinning logs, a fiendishly awkward obstacle, go slow is our advice!  Then the wild walkway and your first true test.... grab the rope and swing to the other side!!  Now its high, so we've given you another postmans walk... make sure to lean forward!  Then, since its 10 metres high, a simple thin walkway to the zip wire.   Here its 100 meters, 30mph of pure adrenaline filled fun to the other side.  

IMG_4157 copy.jpg

But there's no time to relax as you head straight to another zip wire, a multi-vine and the 'ultimate criss cross'.  Make sure you put your feet on the right rope!  Then another zip wire, the swinging logs and Cowboys Pass 2.  Heading back (above) to the end of the practice course you have the swinging platforms, careful as they really do swing!  Climb down the ladder, across the balance beam ready for the final challenge... the 3 metre hero swing, make it and be that hero.   


This course is meant for those who are ready for a thrill and a challenge and for those that want a little more than the original course.  Although very little is particularly harder, the minimum age is 10 for this course with a minimum height of 150cm.

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Mega Zip Ropes Course