The Wild Ropes Course

35 Individual challenges, 6 zip wires, starts easy, but can you make it to the end!


The safety brief

You'll be welcomed on arrival by one of our staff.   Help yourself to free tea and coffee at our welcome shelter.  From here you will be introduced to the team.  We will put a harness on you, a helmet, the karabiner and a zip wire trolley and then you'll be told how our unique system works.  You'll have a little practice to get used to it and then move on to the first course.

The Assessment Course

The assessment course is really just our practice course.  Its an important part of your day as it is just a few feet off the ground and gets you used to what challenges lay ahead.  There is a little bit of every style of element (things in between the trees) on this course finishing with a short 16 metre zip wire.  We have this for two reasons, firstly so that you can feel confident in what you are about to do and secondly for our instructors who will be carefully watching to make sure that you're ready to continue onto the big course. 

If anyone finds this a little intimidating or are unsure of how to go around it, you'll be able to go around it again and again until you're ready.  Here at Wild Pines Park we don't push anyone to do anything they don't want to do.  You're here to have a good time!

The Wild Course

This is where it gets really fun.  30 further challenges, 5 more zip wires.  The course gets a little higher and a little harder as you go around.  Each zip wire is a little longer and a little faster too!  We have taken great care in the design of the course so that there is no big jump in difficulty or height.  If you are a little nervous we think you'll surprise yourself when you make it all the way around!

There are 4 distinct areas.  The first area you almost double in height along walkways and a step over/swing. 

Then you zip wire into 'The Wilderness', set deep within the trees, many challenges await.  16 metre wobbly walkways, a walk in the clouds, criss crossing ropes, hanging logs and our puzzling 'Cowboys Problem'.  Each element has its own separate challenge, you choose how hard you wish to make it, fancy a real challenge?  Try making it all the way around the course without holding on to the safety wire!  This area finishes with a zip wire into...

'The Playground'.  Throughout the year we will be adding in playground activities beneath the playground in the air!  See saws, a multi-vine, net crossing, the 'stairway to heaven' and 'Molly's Moonwalk' await!  You'll then zip wire out of there and head to the final section.

The fourth area is our highest, a step over/swing, 'mahogany mischief', our longest zip wires including 'The Great Oak zip', a log walk and the walkway down to the ground.  Be careful though, the walkway is trickier than it looks!!

The whole time one of our instructors will be watching from either afar or up close, to help and assist anyone that needs it.  You'll be met at the end and shown back to where you started to get out of your harness and enjoy some more refreshments and contemplate on all you achieved!