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Bear & Treasure Hunts

We now have 4 treasure hunts to go on! These range from easy to hard and each can win a prize too. On the day just find an instructor and they will give you all the information you need to discover the treasure!

These activities are great for all ages and for any group, whether schools, birthday parties, families or couples.

Bear Hunt (v. easy)

This is so much fun for the little ones. Whilst those that are high in the trees you can be beneath the canopy in search of 8 very special little bears. Use your map to search the area where they were last seen and see if you can find them all. Then at the end, take a photo with our big Daddy Bear!

Wild Pines Park Map bears.jpg

The Archer Trail (easy/medium)

A simple idea but its harder than you first might think. Follow the arrow, count our the paces on your sheet and find the next arrow. At each arrow write the letter down. Can you work out what it says…!? If you can, then treasure awaits in the box!

The Morse Code Treasure (medium)

Lots to find and a trickier code to crack. 24 hidden clues around our woodland, find them and use your skills to work out the answer to your mission. Treasure is your reward!

Wild Pines Park Map TREASURE MORSE 120319.jpg

The Treasure Hunt (hard)

Our original treasure hunt and still deceptively difficult. 12 clues, 12 numbers, 1 answer. Put the answer into the padlock to unlock a sweet tasting treasure!

Wild Pines Park Map TREASURE RED 120319.jpg