Schools, Colleges and Education

Wild Pines Park works with schools and colleges from around the region and we are happy to plan programmes to suit your needs. Typically we offer a day of activities including ropes course, archery, 4 treasure hunts, a bear hunt and den building at a heavily discounted rate.  The day starts at 10am and finishes at about 3pm with a short break for lunch. We can start and finish at any time to suit your requirements.

All courses and programmes can be tailored to meet your needs. Our programme offers opportunities for rapid and effective team building. As participants learn to rely on each other in an outdoor adventure context, a sense of camaraderie develops that focuses the team members on the goals of themselves and the group.

The best size for schools is between 20 and 50 students split into two groups (although we can take more), with one group on the ropes course in the morning & one in the afternoon. The group not on the ropes course will be doing archery and using our Orienteering course. They can also carry out nature studies on our site or on the nature reserve opposite our site.

Schools, Colleges, Universities and Educational Establishments