Wild Top Tips

Before your training

  • All participants need to be at least 6 years old, with an advisory height of 140cm (otherwise they need to be accompanied by someone who is over 140cm) on a 1 to 1 basis with a maximum weight of 17 stone.

  • No open toed sandals or Flip Flops, Long hair needs to be tied back and remove any loose jewellery (hooped earrings/dangly necklaces etc)

  • No chewing Gum Allowed

  • We operate a no smoking site. Sorry!


Our instructors will fit your harness for you, please do not adjust and tamper with it once it has been fitted.


We will carefully check you all the way through the briefing and the assessment course (basically a practice course). If needed you'll be asked to complete the assessment course until you become comfortable with the safety system and the zip line.  You'll then begin the Wild Ropes Course.  Our instructors will walk the course with groups to ensure that everyone is having fun and will gladly help if anyone needs it.

Wild Ropes Course

  • 1 person per platform (unless assisting someone smaller than 140cm)

  • 1 person at a time on an activity/elements

Zip Wires

  • Only 1 person can descend a zip wire at a time

  • Check the landing area is clear before descending

  • DO NOT JUMP off a platform or run off them. Our zip lines are fast enough, if you jump off a platform you risk twisting and turning and impacting the landing platform.

  • Sit in your harness and slide off the platform gently.

  • When landing RELAX try and land feet first and bend your knees, if you bounce off the platform don’t panic there is a rope to pull yourself back.

  • Never hold onto the zip wire cable. SERIOUS INJURY COULD OCCUR.

  • Do not grab the rope to slow you down on the zip lines, you might get rope burn.

  • And finally, on rare occasions it does happen. Please DO NOT jump off the zip line activity... without your zip line trolley.  You. Will. Go. Nowhere.  Its not fun and you may need to be rescued.  This would then be the end of your experience and may take some time to get you safely to the ground.